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Installing CTS Sport Spoiler
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The first thing you want to do is to cut out the templates. There are two templates included. The one that goes on the outside (on top) of your trunk (I will refer to this as the exterior template) and then the one that goes on the inside of your trunk (I will call this the interior template.) Once you have the templates cut out, find on the templates where you are supposed to drill. Poke a hole in the templates where you're supposed to drill. Now put the exterior template on your trunk. Before taping it down, I suggest putting some tape on your trunk where the holes are going to be. I also suggest that you move the template a little more forward (towards the front of the car) after you have lined it up. I found that the holes on the template were a little too far back. I actually had to enlarge my holes afterwards because the spoiler was too far back.

Now take a marker and put a dot on the template where the holes are. Since you made holes in the template earlier, you should actually be putting a dot on the tape that you put on your trunk. Now flip the template over and do the same on the other side. I suggest that you measure both sides in relation to the trunk edges to make sure your holes are symmetrical. This is why I suggested using the tape on the trunk, so you don't have to drill before switching the template over to the other side. Use a punch to put a little indent where you are going to be drilling. This will make it easier for you to drill. Here are some pictures of what I mean:

Here's an idea that I didn't think of until I was done drilling. Stick ceran wrap over your trunk. It doesn't need to cover the whole trunk. Start an inch forward of where you need to drill. Metal shavings fly everywhere once you start drilling. Putting ceran wrap on the trunk will prevent it from scratching your paint, and make it easier to clean up. If you have a dark coloured car, I would STRONGLY suggest you do this. If you have problems getting the ceran wrap to stick to your car, you can try wiping the trunk with a wet cloth before laying down the ceran wrap. Next, tape up the gap between the trunk and the center brake light to prevent metal shavings from falling in there. I have included a picture from when I installed the spoiler on the V:

Now you can start drilling. You are actually drilling through 2 thin layers of metal, so make sure you go through them both. I suggest starting with a small hole as a pilot hole and then slowly increasing the size with larger drill bits.

Test fit the spoiler and make adjustments to the holes if necessary. Once you are happy with the placement of the spoiler, you need to start drilling on the inside of your trunk. Carefully remove the ceran wrap from your trunk without dropping the metal shavings. Now open the trunk and take off the trunk liner. They are only held in place by a couple plastic fasteners. I suggest finding something to cover your open trunk, or you are going to have a LOT of metal shavings in your trunk afterwards. I just used a big sheet of plastic:

Now tape the interior template to your trunk. I apologize that I don't have a picture of this. Again, using a marker, mark the center of the 4 holes (the ones from the template) that you need to drill onto your trunk. Now remove the template, and using a small drill bit, drill a pilot hole. Enlarge the hole a little with a larger drill bit. Now using a circular hole cutter (this attaches to your drill and surrounds your drill bit), cut the 4 holes. Be VERY careful to NOT to drop the metal piece you cut off into the trunk. It is a PAIN to remove. I had to take my trunk lid off to get the scrap metal piece back out.

You should now have 4 big holes in your trunk. You need 2 more. The template does not show you where to put these 2 last holes. Take a look at my picture below. The 2 outer holes are the ones you need to make now. You should be able to see where to cut them from my picture.

Once you have cut the holes out, you can put the spoiler back on top of the trunk. You can have someone hold it in place for you while you screw in the 6 screws. I didn't use the tape that was already on the spoiler. It makes it hard to adjust the spoiler after you have put it on the trunk. Be VERY careful when you tighten those screws, if you drop the nut in the trunk, you're in trouble. Now follow the GM instructions for replacing the trunk struts with the new ones, reattach your trunk liner, and you're done!